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Where the money goes      

 We know...we know. 
   Tularcitos parents keep begging us..

When can we start selling wrapping paper and kettle corn to help the school??" 

But seriously, we do need to raise money to provide a lot of what makes Tularcitos   AMAZING!

   SOOO this is it... 

  If each Tularcitos family that is able can give
       ideally $15 monthly.......

  We can be DONE for the year with fundraising!!

$15 monthly helps towards....
 Art Docent program
 Our wonderful Garden
 Swim Lessons
 get the full lowdown here!
Oh, and did we mention Field Trips!

want to make it easy to give to this 
   great school of ours....

Donations through

Donate securely with credit cards through PayPal. 

Donate one time
- and be done!
    - No PayPal account needed

 Monthly Recurring

    - easier to handle
    - bills for 10 months then stops
    - requires PayPal account
Payment Options
Full Name of Student(s) - make sure to list children's name below so class gets credit!
You can also donate via check and form.  Download here  Contact Us for other Arrangements!

The Tularcitos School’s PTO Tax I.D. # 77-0010111
Your donations may be tax-deductible

You can send our easy and secure method of donation to grandparents, family, businesses and friends that also want to help by clicking Recommend this page
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What other Elementary School has Swimming??  Ummmmm....Next

Did you know..

Studies have shown that learning music can improve the ability to read emotional and social cues in others??  It appears the two share a common brain area.   Help us crosswire some Bobcat Brains!

   Let's keep up the good work!!



 Our Goal is Simple yet BOLD!                               

    300 Donations!
 (at $15 monthly)
                         200 families + 50 grandparents/friends + 50 businesses

now on to the highly scientific Bobcatometer TM, Patent pending in the Village and Cachagua

Keep in mind that some will not be able to give so a higher amount will help get us there if you are able.  Everyone knows a family member, friend, or business that can help...we can all pitch in!!

Thanks to all our parents and supporters. 
You make this school wonderful. 
With bucksforbobcats,
we can make it wonderfuller... 

Obviously, I didn't go to Tular!

Let us know how you would like this site to improve!

  Did you know..


When children are involved in the growing process for food, they are more likely to eat what they grow?  With the fastest growing demographic for obesity and diabetes being younger children, the Tular garden might just save lives!!  Get your hands dirty!



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